Dec 06, 2022

2022/23 Argentina Soybeans 29% Planted vs. 50% Average

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

There were only a few light showers across Argentina over the weekend with temperatures in the mid-90s to low 100s F (35-38°C). The lack of rain and high temperatures are increasing the moisture stress and heat stress on the crops. Limited rain and hot temperatures this week will continue to stress the crops. The forecast for next week is for improved chances of rain and cooler temperatures.

It continues to be a problematic start for the soybeans in Argentina. The crop is being planted late (20% behind average) and there has only been temporary improvements in the weather. In the core areas, which are the most productive areas of Argentina, the soybeans are 35-45% planted, which is approximately 35% behind average.

Near-term temperatures are forecasted to be much above normal which will increase moisture stress on the crop that has already planted and it could result in poor germination and emergence for the crop yet to be planted.

The first week of December is forecasted to be hot and dry again in Argentina which will be a particular problem for the early maturing soybeans that have already been planted. The most critical areas in need of rain are in the eastern and southwestern areas.

The 2022/23 soybeans in Argentina were 29% planted as of late last week compared to 48% last year and 50% average. This represents an advance of 9.6% for the week. In the core production areas, the soybeans are 35-45% planted with 15-30% planted in southern Argentina and 0-2% planted in far northern Argentina.