Sep 12, 2023

Early 2023/24 Corn Planting in Argentina May Start This Week

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

Northern Argentina has received some rain in recent days and farmers in the region have started to plant their 2023/24 sunflowers. The Buenos Aires Grain Exchange reported that 7% of the sunflowers had been planted as of late last week.

The corn in Argentina is divided into two distinct planting periods. The early corn planting will start over the next two weeks and they will finish planting the early corn by the end of October. The later corn will be planted in December and January. Farmers in Argentina do not like to plant corn during November because it will pollinate during January which can be the hottest time of the summer. The early corn planting generally represents less than half of the total corn acreage in Argentina.

There is only one planting season for soybeans in Argentina and farmers will start planting their soybeans in early to mid-October and finish in early January. The last soybeans to be planted are double crop soybeans planted after the wheat is harvested.

Buenos Aires Grain Exchange estimates - The Buenos Aires Grain Exchange issued their first estimates for the 2023/24 crop production in Argentina. They feel that El Nino will result in a more normal weather pattern this growing season allowing yields to rebound after several disastrous years.

They estimated the 2023/243 soybean production at 50.0 million tons, which would be the highest production in five years. This compares to their estimate of 21.0 million tons for the prior crop. The 2023/24 corn production was estimated at 55.0 million tons compared to their estimate of 34.0 million tons for the prior crop.