Oct 02, 2023

African Corn Leafhoppers Found in Brazil, First in the Americas

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

Corn farmers in Brazil have been battling to control corn leafhoppers (Dalbulus maidias) for several years and now they have a new pest to worry about - African corn leafhoppers (Leptodelphax maculigera).

The first incidence of African corn leafhoppers found in the Americas was identified by researchers from the Federal University of Goias in the state of Goias in November of 2022. The second was in the municipality of Cruz Alta in central Rio Grande do Sul. The third was in the municipality of Londrina in northern Parana.

Controlling leafhoppers in Brazil has been a learning experience for both scientists and farmers. The scientists have concluded that the best way to control the pest is to utilize the following:

Below are pictures of African leafhoppers and regular leafhoppers. Photo is courtesy of Geraldo Gouveia from the Centro Tecnologico Agrogalaxy (CTA).

African leafhopper left, regular leafhopper right. African leafhopper top, regular bottom.