Oct 11, 2023

2023/24 Corn in Argentina 14% Planted vs. 21% Average

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

The 2023/24 corn in Argentina was 14% planted as of late last week compared to 21.4% average. In the core production areas, the corn is 50-60% planted with less than 10% planted in southern Argentina and 0% planted in northern Argentina.

The weather in Argentina is somewhat problematic. It was generally dry last week and over the weekend and there is limited rainfall in the forecast for this week. Corn planting continues to progress, but the soil moisture is below normal across most of Argentina and declining. Rainfall thus far this early growing season has been less than expected given the current El Nino. It is not a concern yet, but farmers in Argentina would certainly like to see some more rain.

Argentina's first phase of corn planting ends about the end of October and if the weather does not improve soon, there is the potential for farmers to reduce their anticipated early corn acreage. If that turns out to be case, they may end up planting more soybeans instead of waiting to plant more corn during the second phase of planting which will start in early December. Therefore, there is a possibility that Argentina ends up with less corn acreage and more soybean acreage than originally anticipated.