Oct 12, 2023

Torrential Rains Continue to Impact Southern Brazil

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

Southern Brazil continues to be inundated by torrential rains. The heavy rains started in September in the state of Rio Grande do Sul and now the latest round of heavy rain has impacted the state of Santa Catarina where 132 cities and 67 municipalities have declared a state of emergency.

Rainfall amounts of 8-10 inches fell in a short period of time resulting in record flooding and numerous rescues by local authorities. Unfortunately, there is more rain in the forecast and authorities have issued emergency alerts. Any additional rainfall would result in instant flooding since the soil is already saturated.

Many highways have been closed in addition to schools, water pumping facilities, and sewer treatment plants.

Agriculture in the state has also been impacted in the state. Santa Catarina has a large livestock sector and is the largest hog producing state in Brazil and the second largest poultry producer. There is also a large dairy industry in the state. With highways closed and infrastructure damaged, there is a concern of getting animal rations to the producers and livestock and milk to the processors.

Farmers had already started planting their 2023/24 corn crop and 1% of the soybeans had been planted as of late last week. Some of the corn may have to be replanted and the soybean planting will be delayed by the wet conditions.

The state always runs a corn deficit forcing it to import corn from states in central Brazil at a high cost of transportation. If the wet weather persists going forward, it could make the corn deficit even worse.