Jan 11, 2024

Dry Weather Taking a Toll on Soybeans in Parana

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

An extended period of hot and dry weather has started to take a toll on soybeans in the state of Parana, which was Brazil's second largest soybean producing state in 2022/23. Many areas of the state have not received significant rain since mid-December. The high temperatures during October-November-December shortened the soybean growth cycle by 10-15 days leading to fears of lower yields.

The Department of Rural Economics (Deral) estimates that 16% of the soybeans are maturing compared to 2% last year. Approximately 1% of the soybeans have been harvested compared to last year when the harvest had not yet started.

As of earlier this week, the Department of Rural Economics (Deral) rated the soybean crop in Parana at 5% poor, 24% average, and 71% good. The percentage of the soybeans rated good is down from 86% the prior week.

In the municipality of Londrina in northern Parana, the last significant rain occurred on December 10th and the president of the Rural Union of Londrina estimates that soybean yields will be down 15% to 20% from initial expectations. The dry weather occurred as the earlier planted soybeans were filling pods, which is when the plant's water demand is at its highest. Significant repeated rains with good coverage will be needed over the next several weeks to avoid further losses.