Mar 19, 2024

2023/24 Brazilian Safrinha Corn Acreage Down 8.3%

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

In their March Crop Report, Conab estimated that the 2023/24 safrinha corn acreage would decline 8.3% to 15.75 million hectares (38.9 million acres). The safrinha corn acreage in March was down 129,000 hectares from February. It is unusual for Conab to reduce the safrinha corn acreage because normally, Conab "finds" more safrinha corn acreage as the season progresses, but this year is not a normal year in Brazil.

Low corn prices have convinced farmers to reduce their safrinha corn acreage and to spend less on inputs. They have also been very cautious on forward contracting their corn with only 14.4% contracted compared to 18.2% last year and 34.3% average.

As the safrinha corn season progresses, it is important to know where the corn is planted in Brazil. Below is a table listing the top six safrinha corn producing states in Brazil. These six states represent 85% of the 2023/24 safrinha corn acreage in Brazil.

2023/24 Brazilian Safrinha Corn Acreage

State 2023/24 Safrina Acreage (million hectares) Change % of Total
Mato Grosso 6.630 (16.3 mac) -10.0% 42.0%
Parana 2.406 (5.9 mac) -2.6% 15.2%
Mato Grosso do Sul 2.039 (5.0 mac) -0.2% 12.9%
Goias 1.479 (3.6 mac) -14.8% 9.3%
Minas Gerais 0.505 (1.2 mac) -0.4% 3.2%
Sao Paulo 0.464 (1.1 mac) -4.1% 2.9%