Apr 09, 2024

2023/24 Argentina Corn 11% Harvested, Heavy Disease Pressure

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

Rainfall last week and over the weekend favored northern and central Cordoba, Santa Fe, and Chaco. Dry weather is expected across most of Argentina through Thursday with showers increasing later this week. Heavy rains are expected next week in southern and eastern Argentina.

The corn estimate was lowered due mainly to heavy insect and disease pressure, especially corn stunt disease. Additionally, moisture stress in northwestern Argentina has impacted the yield potential especially in Santiago del Estero and Chaco.

The corn in Argentina was 11% harvested as of late last week which represented an advance of 5.4% for the week, Early corn yields are good, but yields are expected to decline for the later planted corn due to corn stunt disease which is transmitted by corn leafhoppers. Pest populations continue to increase and farmers are having a hard time controlling the insect. The pest migrates from earlier developing corn to later developing corn, so the biggest impact is expected to be for the latest planted corn. Yields are also expected to be trimmed in northwestern Argentina due to a lack of moisture.

The Buenos Aires Grai Exchange lowered their corn estimate last week to 52.0 million tons citing disease pressure and dry weather in northwestern areas. They also indicated that their estimate may be reduced further because the actual damage is still being evaluated.

The average corn yield thus far is 9,260 kg/ha (147.2 bu/ac) with the best yields in the northern core area where they are averaging 10,360 kg/ha (164.7 bu/ac). Lower yields are being reported in southern Buenos Aires and southern La Pampa where the early yields are averaging 5,430 kg/ha (86.3 bu/ac). Cordoba accounts for more than 28% of Argentina's corn production and 92% of the corn in southern and center-north Cordoba was planted late, making it more susceptible to corn stunt disease.

The corn in Argentina was rated 32% poor/very poor, 51% fair, and 17% good/excellent as of late last week. The good/excellent percentage was down 5% from the prior week. The soil moisture for the corn was rated 33% short/very short, 66% favorable/optimum, and 1% saturated. The favorable/optimum percentage was down 5% from the prior week. Below is the Argentina corn rating for April 4, 2024 from the Buenos Aires Grain Exchange.


Below is the Argentina corn rating for April 4, 2024 from the Buenos Aires Grain Exchange.


2023/24 Argentina Corn Ratings*

ConditionSoil Moisture
Poor/V. Poor %Good/Excellent %Short/V ShortFavorable/Optimum
Feb. 28, 202413 (56) 30 (6) 24 (63) 76 (37)
Mar. 6, 202413 (59) 29 (5) 23 (65) 77 (35)
Mar. 13, 202417 (60) 25 (7) 23 (63) 76 (37)
Mar. 21, 202421 (58) 24 (5) 21 (55) 77 (45)
Mar. 27, 202425 (53) 22 (9) 28 (49) 71 (51)
Apr. 4, 202432 (52) 17 (6) 33 (45) 66 (55)

*Source: Buenos Aires Grain Exchange – Crop Condition & Development Stages