Apr 18, 2024

Recent Rains Will Help Corn in Parana, but Damage Already Done

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

The southern state of Parana is Brazil's second largest safrinha corn producing state after Mato Grosso and the safrinha corn in the state has suffered from an extended period of hot and dry weather. The state has received rain over the last few days, which will help the crop, but probably not add back any potential yield that has already been lost.

Safrinha corn yields in parts of western Parana are expected to be down 40% according to the technical director of Cooperativa C. Vale. He explained that prior to this week, the region had been in drought for 45 to 60 days with high temperatures. In the hardest hit areas of northwestern Parana, the corn is in such bad condition that farmer members of the cooperative may not even harvest the crop. They may cut down the corn and plant winter wheat instead.

Next week, the Department of Rural Economics for the State of Parana (Deral) is expected to reduce their monthly estimate of the 2023/24 corn production in the state. In their March report, Deral lowered the 2023/24 corn estimate 0.4 million tons from February to 14.2 million.

In contrast, farmer members of the cooperative in Mato Grosso are reporting good development of the safrinha corn crop with high yield potential. In the region of Highway BR-163 in central Mato Grosso, rainfall has been abundant and the early planted corn is filling grain. Some of the early planted corn will be ready for harvest during the second half of May.