May 30, 2024

U.S. Corn 83% Planted vs. 82% Average, Soy 68% vs. 63% Average

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

Corn - The 2024 U.S. corn crop was 83% planted as of last Sunday compared to 89% last year and 82% average. Corn emergence was 58% compared to 66% last year and 58% average. Dryer weather in the eastern and far northwestern Corn Belt allowed farmers to make good progress planting their corn with Ohio 79% planted (64% average), North Dakota 75% (62% average), South Dakota 84% (74% average), and Michigan 75% (69% average).

The states furthest behind average are Kentucky with 73% planted (85% average), Tennessee 87% (93% average), and Iowa 88% (92% average). The states lagging in planting have all experienced frequent heavy rains over the past several weeks. Temperatures this week are going to be somewhat cool for the season which will slow drying in the wettest areas and slow corn emergence.

Wet conditions in northern Iowa has resulted in ponding which will require some of the corn to be replanted. In a worst-case scenario, some farmers may opt for prevent plant which is available in Iowa and southern Minnesota starting May 31st.

Soybeans - The 2024 U.S. soybean crop was 68% planted as of last Sunday compared to 78% last year and 63% average. Soybean emergence was 39% compared to 50% last year and 36% average. Soybean planting is furthest ahead of average in Arkansas with 88% planted (68% average), Ohio 67% (54% average), Tennessee 74% (65% average), Missouri 55% (46% average), and North Dakota 52% (44% average).

Only two major states are lagging in soybean planting with Iowa at 73% (77% average) and Nebraska at 80% (81% average).

The quicker pace for soybean planting in the mid-south may be due to the slow pace of corn planting in the region and farmers switching some of the intended corn acreage to soybeans instead,